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white hardtail MTB, KTM Ultra 3.9 (2.9) with round black stickers that read ’Outlier Cartel’. stolen between Tuesday 28/05/19 20:00 and Friday 31/05/19 11:00 AM from inside the building located on Munkbrogatan 2, in Gamla Stan, Stockholm

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Was stolen in the Malmö city, at night 19.04.2019. Bike is Galano Pulse with 29-inch wheels, had a black color with orange elements, also had Fischer mudguard set.

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Unfortunately my Bicycle got stolen from outdoor parking of Ikea It AB Rönnowsgatan 8, Helsingborg on 15 jun 2017 between 13:15 to 16:30.
The bike was in a very good condition and rarely used. its almost new.
It’s a M3K model Bicycle in white colour. It contains gears and disk brakes.

The bicycle can be easily identify by its wheels, there is some printing on the wheels M3K many a times. Please refer to image 2 how it looks on the wheels. M3K also printed on the rods, on the handle and on the seat with light green color.
you can also identify it from its seat. Its a white in color and a little green in the middle. i rarely see bicycle with pure white seat.

The case has already been reported to the police but by chance if this will come in your notice any day, Please inform me at +46727631012

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This is an indonesian full carbon road bike that I brought over to Stockholm. I’m quite sure its the only one of its kind as I’ve not seen any other Polygon bicycles here so far. So unless these bastards did a new paint job please contact me if you see it.


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Between 1st and 2nd of June my bike was stolen from Stockholm, Karolinska vagen 18. The bike is a Marin San Rafael DS3 (exactly as the one in the attached image), and has 2 added mud guards, in the front a MudMax and in the back one from Zefa, both black. The bicycle has also a battery led in the back. I don’t have a serial number for it but it would be easy to spot. Some minor details is that the rear fork has some scratches. Another custom this is a stand for the bike. mounted on the left side which is not standard. Please contact me if you find it. If you found it or you did buy it I can pay back the amount you payed for it.


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Stolen today, May 18th, in front of the entrance of Karolniska Institutet
Cannondale 2013 CAADX 105 SILVER, framesize 61CM
The front fork is black carbon. In good condition, with: BELL DELIRIUM HJÄLM MATT SVART
It had a big ABUS BORDE X-PLUS lock, probably still has the holder on the inside of the frame.
A small detail is that the top of the right brake/gear-shift is broken off.