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Between 1st and 2nd of June my bike was stolen from Stockholm, Karolinska vagen 18. The bike is a Marin San Rafael DS3 (exactly as the one in the attached image), and has 2 added mud guards, in the front a MudMax and in the back one from Zefa, both black. The bicycle has also a battery led in the back. I don’t have a serial number for it but it would be easy to spot. Some minor details is that the rear fork has some scratches. Another custom this is a stand for the bike. mounted on the left side which is not standard. Please contact me if you find it. If you found it or you did buy it I can pay back the amount you payed for it.


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My bike Merida bobcat trail was stolen tonight from in front of my house Rullstensgatan 6, Umeå. The bike is silver and green frame with a black stripe, black shock absorber (that does not really work anymore) and alivio components, also a black and blue biltema saddle. I know it’s a long shoot, but it’s a rare bike these days and I have had this bike more than 12 years, so if there is any chance to get it back I must try it.