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Cykeln har svart ram med orange detaljer, kromad gaffel, brunt lindat bockstyre, svart sadel, självlysande pedaler och kromade fälgar. Under sadeln sitter en liten stänkskärm. Det är en mycket kär ägodel så hittelön lämnas gärna vid upphittande!

Cykeln stals på Johanneberg i Göteborg natten mellan 25-26/9.


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Our bike was just stolen from outside our home on Södermalm yesterday. It was a Peugeot 10-speed race bike and the expensive lock had been cut. Unfortunately we don’t have our own picture but this is as close as I could come to finding a bike that looked like ours, the only difference is that ours was not a triathlon. An important distinction also is that ours had two very different tires, one road tire and one off-road. Thanks in advance for any tips!


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Stulen mellan 12.30 och 14.00 på Oskarsparken i Örebro. 🙁 Ramnummer är F00084819. Unique custom made bicycle on Peogeot Duel frame and Morzocci Bomber Z1 fork.