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Cykelstöld Gazelle Stockholm Stulen

Märke: Gazelle
Modell: Primavera
Färg: red and white

This bike was stolen in Gamla Stan, Stockholm on the 20th of August in the evening. The bike is an old model, but in good condition. It has three gears in the front and seven gears in the back. The buds at the end of the steering wheel are black on the left side and silver/white on the right side. There are plastic S-blades and S-board anti-splash blades attached. The pedals are dual click/flat pedals.

This bike is very dear to me. I have made a lot of beautiful tours on it and I brought it all the way from the Netherlands to Stockholm. If anybody has any leads as to where it is, I would be infinitely grateful.

Cykelstöld Gazelle Stockholm Stulen