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Unique VanMoof bicycle stolen in Spånga

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Sundaynight the 18th of september 2016 my unique VanMoof bicycle was stolen right from the driveway of our house in Spånga.

I have brought this dutch design bicycle from The Netherlands and there is not bicycle like this in Stockholm as it has been customized. It has bright yellow lines around the frame (might have been removed, as it are stickers then the frame will be white) and a wooden storage place mounted on the front. On the frame there are two brandnames: Bloomon and VanMoof. Bloomon is something not visible on any other bike in Stockholm, as it was customized and one-of-a-kind.

The wheels are all-black, also the wheel rims. It has handbreaks and 3 gears + all cables are integrated in the frame. Lastly it has Philips led-lights with an integrated switch in the fream near the steer. It was locked with a ring lock and also had a big Abus chainlock around it (black with white stripes).

Thanks up front for finding it, I will think of a good fitting generous reward!

Contact: stulencykel@getnext.nl