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Röd Monark Damcykel Bas 3 vxl

I am sorry for writing in English but I am not that fluent in Swedish yet. I hope that is ok.
My bike was stolen some time between yesterday afternoon (Saturday , 03/09/2016) and today morning from Artemisgatan 73 in Hjorthagen, Stockholm. It is a red Monark, Bas, with three changes, and a basket in the front. As in the attached picture, just without the protecting element of the chain.
It had a blue locker chain, fastened below the saddle. Unfortunately, I had it unlocked, as there were a lot of other bikes unlocked in the neighbourhood. I will never do that mistake again..
If anyone has a tip of some sort, I would be very very grateful!
Tahnk you all in advance!
Best regards,

Contact: irok@kth.se



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