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Hi there!
My bike Trek 3900 is missing from the bike room in Repslagargatan, Stockholm.
Please let me know if you see my bike and let me know.
Hera are the photos.

Our tandem bike (brand Lapierre) was stolen 21st of July in Stockholm, at Enskedehallen parking.
It’s silver, with 2 leather saddles.
Please find enclosed a picture of it.
We have been travelling with it for 10 months now so it’s a big loss for us.

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Min mtb blev stulen den 12 juli 2018 vid Triangelns cykelparkering.

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Hello. I had a new black Monark Katarina damcykel 7-speed stolen on July 2 between 18:00-20:00. The bike was locked up outside of Biograf Royal at Södra Tullgatan 4 in Malmö. I installed the mount for a cellphone holder between the handlebars (the plastic locking kind), and it also had a clamp on the seat post for a dog walking pole to attach to. I removed the plastic skirt guard from the back fender, so that would make it a bit easier to spot as well, since most of the Monark ladybikes have this on them. The frame number is VF2377528N. I can be contacted at mz94118 (at) gmail (dot) com if the bike is found.

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Svart och blå elscooter med en korg fram vid styret, led lampor fram och bak, det finns inte så många i Linköping så den är lätt att se. Den bilevenemang stulen runt 17-23 vid hotell ekoxen Linköping.

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Svart Crescent Citybike dam cykel med tre växlar, svart korg och nya sommardäck. Låst med godkänt abus lås i centrala Uppsala på Dragabrunnsgatan utanför O’learys där den försvann den 26:e Juni 2018 mellan 19:30 till 23:30.

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Black and green Occano H5 bike stolen from Wennerbergsgatan 2 near Kungsholmen yesterday night (6th July). Has KTM bumper and side stand.