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28inch yosemite dam cykel Stockholm

There has been a nice condition Yosemite women’s bike 28inch left on my road for one week now. It was not locked up and I was a afraid it would be stolen as I had my bike that was locked up stolen on this road one month ago. The road is döbelnsgatan in vasastan , Stockholm. I suspect someone stole this bike and left it here. Please contact me if you have lost this bike in the last week. And I will happily reunite you with your lost bike 🙂 Please describe the bike when you email Thanks Rachel


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  1. I am missing a bike just like this one but I live in Gothenburg.. It was stolen recently (don’t know exactly when, it was locked in storage room close to the apartment) and is 2 years old but I only used it once so it looks brand new.
    When it was stolen there was a bicykle basket on it, I used a black plastic cable tie to secure it but God knows if it’s still there so..
    Don’t know what else to say, didn’t incarve anything or write down the RAMnumber (but I have a reciept with some numbers on -I just don’t know what to look for).. Probably didn’t travel all the way to Sthlm anyways but always worth a try. :/

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